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Gravity Forms Divi Module

The most feature-rich divi module for gravityforms.

  • Add native look and feel for your gravity form in divi
  • Full visual builder support.
  • Setup a global style for the gravity form
  • No custom css knowledge needed

Gravity Form Divi Module premium plugin helps you render and style your gravity form.

It's the most feature complete gravity form divi module.

We provide fine-grained control to style your gravity form elements.

Gravityform Shortcode Parameters

The shortcode parameter options from gravity forms.

  • Show Title – Toggle to display the form title. Defaults is on
  • Show Description – Toggle to display the form description. Defaults is on
  • Ajax – Toggle to use AJAX to submit the form. Defaults is off
  • Tab Index – Specify the starting tab index for the fields of this form
  • Field Values – Specify the default field values.

Style Form Background, Spacing & Border

Set color, gradient, image or video backgrounds. Add border, margin & padding to form wrapper.

Style Gravity Form Title

To render gravityform title, toggle the Show Title to on in Gravityform Shortcode Parameters.

Style the title typography and spacing using the divi module

Style Gravity Form Description

To render gravityform description, toggle the Show Description to on in Gravityform Shortcode Parameters.

Style the description typography and spacing using the divi module

Style Gravity Form Section Break Field

Section break field adds a content separator to your gravity form –

Style the content's title, description, spacing and border color using the divi module.

Style Input Fields, Input Wrapper & Input Placeholder

  • Input fields are text, textarea, checkbox and radio fields.
  • Input Wrapper wraps an input field. Manage input wrappers margin and padding.
  • Add background, border and rounded corners for text, textarea and dropdown fields.
  • Manage typography for input fields in the Input General section.
    • Manage checkbox and radio typography settings in Checkbox/Radio section.
  • Manage margin and padding for text fields.
  • Manage typography for input placeholder text.

Style Label, Sub-Label & Input Field Description

Style gravityform's label, sub-label and description for the inputs.

Set typography and spacing for them.

Style Field Wrapper

A field wrapper wraps the input field, label, sub-label and description.

Manage the field wrappers padding and margin in divi.

Style Form & Field Validation Errors

  • Form Validation Error is a general validation error text for the whole form.
    • Manage typography, border color, margin and padding.
  • Field Validation Error shows the validation per field.
    • Manage typography, border color, background color, margin & padding.

Style Forms Submission Confirmation Message

Form submission displays a message. Style typography & background of the confirmation message.

Style Gravityform Button

Set button alignment, typography, border, rounded corner and background color with hover styles.

A gravityform consent field is a checkbox accompanied by description.
It's a compulsory field.

Style the checkbox's and description's typography, margin & padding

Footer wraps the form buttons. Manage margin and padding for this element.

Style Progress Bar

A multi-step gravityform has a progressbar at the top.
Style the progressbar title's typography, progressbar's background and font color.

Custom CSS Setting

A fine-grained control over writing custom css for large number of form elements


== 5.0.1 ==

27/11/2019 - Inline gravityform can now be edited in divi visual builder without an css issue. Pushed the admin menu for the plugin under the `Divi` main menu

== 5.0.0 ==

24/10/2019 - Initial version.


Version: 5.0.1
Last Updated: 27/11/2019
WordPress Version: 4.9.8 and above
Tested On: WordPress 5.3


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