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WordPress Toolkit For Freemius

A plugin that simplifies freemius.com integration for your WordPress website

  • Synchronize plugin/theme pricing, features, review, money-back, installs count etc from freemius.com API.
  • Say good bye to manually syncing data between freemius and your website.
  • Create a pricing table using a shortcode in minutes.
  • Add credibility by showing your plugin's installs count proof & reviews using shortcode.
  • Gain user trust by showing money-back guarantee for your plugin with a shortcode.
  • Gain trust by showing freemius secure badge with a shortcode.
  • Listen to freemius events using a webhook listener.

Freemius is a monetization, analytics & marketing automation platform for digital products.

One can use it to sell WordPress plugin, WordPress theme and SaaS products. It helps you concentrate on your core business.

It has an impressive feature list

Setting up freemius plugin on your WordPress website has the following challenges

  • Plugin data sync between your WordPress website and freemius.com is manual process.
  • It’s error prone and slows you down.
  • Creating pricing table is difficult.
    • You need to write custom code.
    • A multi-plans pricing table increase complexity by multi-folds.
    • Multi-currency support on pricing table is difficult.
    • Multi-licenses and multi-duration support to pricing table is difficult.
    • Need to write custom code to allow plugin trials on pricing table checkout.
  • Need to manually copy your plugin’s reviews from freemius.com.
  • Write custom code to display reviews on your website.
  • Need to manually copy money-back guarantee data.
    * Manually update the plugin installs count for your plugin with count from freemius.com.
  • Need to create a freemius secure payment badge.

WordPress plugin/theme developers often sell more than one product on their website.

Setting up and maintaining them on your website soon becomes unmanageable.

I’ve experienced these challenges and hence decided to create this toolkit. I no longer spend time on mundane tasks.

I’ve benefited the following using it

  • Maintain data at freemius.com & sync it to my WordPress website. No more manual updates.
  • Agility to try different prices for plans on freemius.com and reflect it on my pricing table.
  • Get product structured data out-of-the-box. Google is happy!
  • Try different plans on the pricing table.
  • Maintain plan features on freemius.com and sync it to my website.
  • I forget setting up money-back guarantee on freemius.com often. With this plugin I can catch this issue.
  • Out-of-the-box switches for currencies, licenses and durations on a pricing table
  • Sync select reviews from freemius.com. Then I use the review listing shortcode shows them.
  • Use the webhook listener for my internal workflow.

Pricing Table

A license price depends on the following factors

  • Currency. Freemius supports usd, gbp and eur as currencies
  • Site license type. For example a single site, two site, 5 site, unlimited sites.
  • Duration of the license. Freemius offers licenses for a month, year and lifetime duration
  • If the pricing table involves multi-plans, a license price will also depend on the specific plan

The combinations of the above factors makes the creation of pricing table a complex process.

Then you need to worry about making

  • A responsive pricing table.
  • Integrating freemius plan features
  • Make a currency switcher, that would change the price in each column of the pricing table to reflect the
  • Make a license type switcher, if you need to show the pricing table for a default duration.
  • Make a duration switcher, if you need to set the pricing table for a default license
  • If you are creating a multi-plan table, then you need to use a license and duration switcher in tandem per plan.

Got your head spinning already? Imagine the effort needed to get this working?

Fear not as this plugin offers two easy-to-use shortcodes

  • A shortcode involves a single plan
  • A shortcode involving multi-plans

This plugin helps you create a pricing table in minutes. Adding custom style to pricing table is easy as we use css-variables.

Freemius Reviews

Review adds credibility of your brand and can influence consumer decision.

Freemius does a great job of following up with your plugin buyers for a review.

70% of consumers will leave a review if asked by a business.

The precursor is that you have a great product and a fair communication with the customer.

This plugin syncs selected reviews from freemius into your website.

List the reviews on your product page using a shortcode.

Installs Count Social Proof

Another way to build trust and credibility is to show number of installs for a plugin/theme.

More the number of installs, better is the credibility.

When it comes to plugin installs, “the more the merrier”

Money-back Guarantee

Freemius allows you to setup a money-back guarantee for a plugin/theme.

Your WordPress product page should mimic that money-back guarantee.

This plugin syncs the money-back guarantee information for a plugin/theme.

This way you

  • Don’t have a mismatch in money-back guarantee information between your website and freemius.
  • Can have a money-back guarantee per plugin/theme rather than have global guarantee.

Secure Badge

Trust badge is important for your product page since you collect payments.

Freemius has established itself as a credible brand in the WordPress ecosystem.

Having a secure badge adds comfort to your customer to make a buy decision.

Webhook Listener

Freemius has a great events & webhooks system.

For every event, freemius triggers a webhook.

To consume webhooks need to setup webhook listeners in the freemius backend.

This plugin creates a webhook listener per plugin/theme


  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    How to install and activate a plugin?
    1. Download the plugin
      After purchasing a product, you'll receive 2 emails. The first will provide you with a link to download the plugin, along with your license key. The second email, after successful payment, will provide a receipt and a secure link to download your PDF invoice. Note: For lifetime license you’ll receive a single email. For Apple's Safari browser, disable its default ZIP auto extraction setting before downloading. Safari user's watch this video https://youtu.be/CbKgEv47WVA
    2. Upload the paid product to WordPress
      Now that you've downloaded the premium zip file, you are ready to upload it to your WordPress website. How to upload and activate a plugin/add-on? Watch this video
    3. Activate the product with your License Key
      Product purchased from within the WP Admin dashboard have the license key activated on upgrade. Otherwise, on activation, a license activation screen shows up. Enter the key provided in your email and click Agree & Activate License. Your product is now activated and you'll can begin to set it up.
  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    How do I update my plugin?
    • Plugin updates become available automatically through your WordPress admin dashboard.
    • When one is available, click Update. As long as you have an active license, it will update to the latest version.


$ £ 19.99 MO
  • Single Plan Pricing Table Shortcode
  • Multi Plans Pricing Table Shortcode
  • Money-back Guarantee Shortcode
  • Freemius Secure Badge Shortcode
  • Freemius Review Listing Shortcode


This plugin supports add-ons. Below you will find the add-on list. You can find these add-ons on your accounts dashboard of this plugin on your WordPress website as well.

Slack Notifications - Freemius Toolkit

Slack Notifications add-on for WordPress Toolkit For Freemius sends freemius webhook notifications to slack.

Salient Features

  • Setup slack notification message for the freemius event(s) of your interest.
  • Setup custom slack text message.
  • Send slack message for a freemius event to a channel of your choice. Share relevant data with your team.
  • Use the same slack text for a freemius event across all your products.
  • Stay up-to date with your customer's actions. Be proactive! Leave a good impression on your customers.
All plans have a 14-days Money Back Guarantee refund policy.

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If during the next 14 days you experience an issue that makes the plugin unusable and we are unable to resolve it, we'll happily consider offering a full refund of your money.

Secure payments by Freemius - Sell and market freemium and premium WordPress plugins & themes


== 2.4.2 ==

14/02/2020 - Showing single offer price instead of aggregate in structured data

== 2.4.1 ==

13/02/2020 - Enabled freemius addons

== 2.4.0 ==

11/02/2020 - Re-worked the post edit page and UX as per suggestions from Vova. Added `wpt-freemius-checkout` javascript event trigger on freemius product purchase. Integrations with google analytics/tag manager, facebook pixel etc are now possible.

== 2.3.4 ==

07/01/2020 - Fatal error fix when requiring `Freemius_Api_WordPress` class.

== 2.3.3 ==

04/01/2020 - Added post type icon and admin css for sizing.

== 2.3.2 ==

03/01/2020 - When plans are synced in admin metabox, page doesn't reload always. Added a fix.

== 2.3.1 ==

02/01/2020 - Fixed structured data warning for brand, image, sku, mpn, offerCount

== 2.3.0 ==

30/12/2019 - Pricing table shortcode can now enable sandbox checkout using `sandbox_checkout` attributes.

== 2.2.2 ==

28/12/2019 - Style defaults updated for single and multiple plan pricing tables feature item.

== 2.2.1 ==

26/12/2019 - Bug fix for error when syncing reviews.

== 2.2.0 ==

24/12/2019 - Freemius webhook listener

== 2.1.0 ==

20/12/2019 - Product structured data

== 2.0.0 ==

18/12/2019 - Added reviews shortcode, secure badge shortcode, installs count shortcode and money-back guarantee shortcode

== 1.0.0 ==

13/12/2020 - Single and multi-plan pricing table shortcode

Version: 2.4.2
Last Updated: 14/02/2020
WordPress Version: 5.3.2 and above
Tested On: WordPress 5.3.2