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WordPress FAQ Plugin For Divi, Gutenberg Block & Shortcode

A versatile WordPress FAQ plugin with structured data schema support

  • Manage & display FAQs by categories
  • Get FAQ structured data schema out-of-the-box
  • Use on any theme using a feature-rich shortcode
  • Divi theme integration with Divi FAQ Module
  • Gutenberg block editor integration with faq block

Why FAQs Are Important for Your Website

Are you tired of answering the same questions repeatedly from your website visitors? Do you want to reduce the number of support requests and increase customer satisfaction? Are you looking to improve your website’s search engine ranking? Look no further than our FAQ plugin!

Without a comprehensive and organized FAQ section, you risk frustrating your visitors and increasing their own workload with repetitive support requests. Not only does this waste time and reduce efficiency, but it also leads to a poor user experience and potentially lost business.

With our user-friendly and customizable FAQ plugin, you can easily manage, organize and display custom designed FAQs in one place, saving you time and reducing support requests. Plus, our plugin’s FAQPage structured data integration improves your website’s SEO.

Take control of your website’s user experience and efficiency with our FAQ plugin. Get your 7-day FREE trial today!


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Hassle-Free FAQ Management

As a website owner, manually entering FAQs and not having a central place to manage them can be time-consuming and frustrating. It can be hard to keep track of which FAQs have been answered and which ones still need attention. This can lead to a disjointed and unorganized FAQ section that frustrates your visitors and hurts your brand’s credibility.

Our FAQ plugin provides you with a user-friendly interface to create and manage all your FAQs in one central location, so you can save time and keep your FAQ section organized and up-to-date.

Spend less time managing FAQs and more time growing your business with our plugin.


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Create Custom-Designed FAQs – Divi, Block & Shortcode

One can struggle to create a custom-designed FAQ section that aligns with their brand without page building tools like a Divi module or WordPress block.

Our FAQ plugin provides a “FAQ List” divi module and “FAQ List” block (and a shortcode). Each of these provide FAQ filtering options and variety of customizable styling options, so you can easily create a unique and branded FAQ section that stands out on your website.

Our plugin provides three pre-designed style presets and five icon sets, you can quickly and easily customize your FAQ section without any technical skills.

Say goodbye to generic FAQ sections and hello to a customized solution that sets you apart from the competition.


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Boost Your Website’s SEO With FAQPage Structured Data

Don’t have FAQPage structured data integrated into your website? Well, you could be missing out on a lot of potential benefits. Without this data, search engines like Google are not be able understand and display your FAQ content in search results, which can hurt your website’s visibility and traffic. Your customers may also struggle to find the information they need, which could lead to frustration and lost sales.

By integrating FAQPage structured data into your website with our plugin, you can ensure that your FAQ content is properly recognized by search engines and easily accessible to your customers, improving both your SEO and customer experience.

Missing FAQPage structured data? Low website visibility. Don’t lose out on potential customers. Get our plugin today.


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Boost Website Support With Bookmarkable FAQs

Bookmarkable FAQs can be useful for website visitors who want to quickly find the information they need, businesses who want to efficiently answer support requests. With a well-organized and bookmarkable FAQ section, customer support can share relevant FAQ links with customers, reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction. Businesses can use bookmarkable FAQs as a reference when creating internal documentation or training materials for employees.


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Get Your 7-day FREE Trial

As a single website owner, small or a large agency, provide your website visitors with a clear and concise FAQ section that will improve their user experience and save you time and resources in customer support.

Experience the benefits of our plugin with a hassle-free 7-day free trial. No upfront payment information required. Take the time to explore and decide if our plugin is right for you. Try it now and see the difference it can make for your website.



Great plugin. I like that you can separate FAQs into categories and it works seamlessly with the DIVI Theme.


An essential divi plugin

The FAQ plugin made it very easy for managing website faqs. The plugin has an easy to use divi module and documentation provided is good. The structured data implemented improved the click through by around 19%

Jos Anderson, Sapient Oaks

5 Sites

$ £ 79.99 YR
  • Manage & display FAQs by categories
  • Custom sort FAQ order
  • Premium style presets
  • Premium icon sets
  • Bookmarkable faq links

Unlimited Sites

$ £ 199.99 YR
  • Manage & display FAQs by categories
  • Custom sort FAQ order
  • Premium style presets
  • Premium icon sets
  • Bookmarkable faq links
All plans have a 14-days Money Back Guarantee refund policy.

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If during the next 14 days you experience an issue that makes the plugin unusable and we are unable to resolve it, we'll happily consider offering a full refund of your money.

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    Does this plugin work with external image URLs?

    It works with external images. However it would show a non-responsive image as it cannot compute the srcset attribute.

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Does the "Gravity Forms For Divi" plugin support theme "Extra" by Elegant themes?

    Yes, the Gravity Forms For Divi plugin supports theme Extra by Elegant themes.

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Does the FAQ Manager plugin supports Divi theme?

    Yes, we support divi theme. We have included a Faq List divi module. For details visit https://wptools.app/how-to/how-to-use-divi-faq-module-on-a-theme-page/

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    How to cancel your recurring subscription?
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    • Press the Send & Cancel renewals button to complete the cancellation


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    What are the dependencies for "Divi Responsive Image Sizes" plugin

    Yes – It depends on Divi theme from elegant themes.

  • image/svg+xml image/svg+xml
    Does the FAQ Manager plugin support gutenberg block editor?

    Yes, we support Gutenberg Block Editor. We have included a FAQ List block within the plugin. For details visit https://wptools.app/how-to/add-faq-section-in-wordpress-with-faq-gutenberg-block/

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    How to update your payment-method / credit card / PayPal?
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    • The initial payment will be automatically prorated.
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    Can I use the FAQ Manager plugin on any theme?

    Yes, you can use the FAQ Manager on any theme. We have included a WordPress Shortcodewpt_faqs, that can be used to list FAQs alongside any WordPress theme.

    For details visit – https://wptools.app/how-to/faq-shortcode-documentation/

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    How to move a license from one website to another?
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    • Click the Deactivate button under the LICENSE section.
    • Once deactivated, you’ll be able to reuse the license on any other website.
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    Does this plugin generate FAQ structured schema data for SEO?

    Yes, this plugin automatically handles FAQ structured schema data. This ensures, search engines like Google & Bing, can read them.

    FAQ structured data are known to increase traffic to your website. It’s totally upto search engines to include your FAQs on the search results.

    To verify the correctness of your FAQ items, kindly read this article https://wptools.app/how-to/verify-faq-schema-data-using-google-structured-data-testing-tool/

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    Do you offer a FREE trial for the FAQ Manager plugin?

    Yes, we offer a 7-day FREE trial for the FAQ Manager plugin. We don’t ask for upfront payment details during the trial.

    If you happen to purchase the plugin, we offer a 14-day money back gaurantee. For details on the gaurantee please refer to the moneyback guarantee section just below the pricing table.

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    How do I get a PDF invoice for my payments?
    • You can access your payments in the Orders History section.
    • To get a PDF invoice of a payment, click the button of the payment’s record.
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    Does the FAQ Manager plugin supports theme "Extra" by Elegant Themes?

    Yes, the FAQ Manager plugin works with theme “Extra” from Elegant themes.

    It works in the frontend builder, like Divi Theme. Hence the instructions are same that we use for Divi Theme – https://wptools.app/how-to/how-to-use-divi-faq-module-on-a-theme-page/

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    How to install and activate a plugin?
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    2. Upload the paid product to WordPress

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      Your product is now activated and you'll can begin to set it up.

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    How do I update my plugin?
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== 5.7.0 ==

29/11/2023 -
Added PHP 8.1 compatibility
WordPress 6.4.1 compatible
Freemius SDK upgrade

== 5.4.3 ==

15/01/2023 - Upgraded freemius. WP 6.1.1 compatible

== 5.4.2 ==

27/11/2022 - PHP 8 compatibility and freemius upgrade

== 5.4.1 ==

18/04/2022 - Updated freemius SDK; WordPress compatibility

== 5.4.0 ==

09/01/2022 - Added support for sticky scroll

== 5.3.0 ==

17/03/2021 - Added option to enable/disable changing of browser url location when faq item is clicked.

== 5.2.1 ==

02/03/2021 - Fixed bug when a clickable item is clicked in FAQ answer

== 5.1.0 ==

31/12/2020 - Added compatibility for Divi 4.5.1+

== 5.0.5 ==

12/07/2020 - Bug fix. The FAQ url in schema data was pointing to incorrect url.

== 5.0.4 ==

09/07/2020 - Added `wpt_faq_manager_shortcode_categories` filter that can be used to change the order of the category IDs. used mainly for gutenberg block.

== 5.0.3 ==

05/07/2020 - Fixed an issue with gutenberg block that undefined 'index' warning was thrown. Tested with WordPress version 5.4.2

== 5.0.2 ==

01/07/2020 - Using apply_filters `the_content` to output faq answer. Both for schema data and html. Changed divi module setting label from `Categories (comma-separated)` to `Category IDs (comma-separated)` for better clarity

== 5.0.1 ==

16/04/2020 - Fixed a fatal error due to incompatibility with https://wordpress.org/plugins/faq-module-for-divi/ plugin.

== 5.0.0 ==

16/04/2020 - Added FAQ Divi Theme Module. Added FAQ Block for Gutenberg Block Editor

== 4.0.1 ==

23/01/2020 - Structured data fix when only one faq is passed in do_action

== 4.0.0 ==

23/01/2020 - Released on wordpress.org

== 3.2.1 ==

21/01/2020 - FAQ schema check quick link for the page.

== 3.2.0 ==

20/01/2020 - Group faq by categories.

== 3.1.1 ==

19/01/2020 - Added admin menu page. Faq category custom column for ID.

== 3.1.0 ==

18/01/2020 - Added attributes for icon open color, icon close color, faq answer text color when open and faq answer text color when close.

== 3.0.2 ==

17/01/2020 - Fixed faq hash update jumping. Fixed responsive css

== 3.0.1 ==

15/01/2020 - Fixed category filtering

== 3.0.0 ==

14/01/2020 - Default icon & style added. Added faq structured data support for SEO. Added support for bookmarkable FAQ.

== 2.4.0 ==

11/01/2020 - Added premium style presets.

== 2.3.0 ==

09/01/2020 - Added premium icons

== 2.2.0 ==

07/01/2020 - Added admin column for order field

== 2.1.0 ==

03/01/2020 - Added FAQ category

== 2.0.0 ==

01/01/2020 - Created FAQ post type With `wpt_faqs` shortcode. Added javascript toggle support. Added freemius integration

== 1.0.0 ==

20/12/2019 - Plugin scaffold added

Version: 5.7.0
Last Updated: 29/11/2023
WordPress Version: 4.9.5 and above
Tested On: WordPress 6.4.1