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WordPress FAQ Plugin For Divi, Gutenberg Block & Shortcode

A versatile WordPress FAQ plugin with structured data schema support

  • Manage & display FAQs by categories
  • Get FAQ structured data schema out-of-the-box
  • Use on any theme using a feature-rich shortcode
  • Divi theme integration with Divi FAQ Module
  • Gutenberg block editor integration with faq block

An Easy To Use FAQ Manager

Having the right set of FAQs on a page helps boost conversions and hence sales.

A customer reading your FAQ, is already interested in your product and/or service.

Having a good set of faqs nudges them towards a buy.

Let’s identify some of your challenges

  • Do you get repetitive support emails? Do you want to save time and money by reducing these support emails?
  • Want to build trust by understanding customer and answering challenges.
  • Want to improve your visibility in search engine?
  • Want the ability to add common FAQs directly on product and faq pages rather than have customers search for them?
  • Want to share direct link to faq item to your customers?
  • Want to group faqs by category? Grouping makes it easy to scan and filter our faqs one wants.
FAQ Management Blurb

A custom post type with category support makes managing FAQs easy.

FAQ Schema Blurb

FAQ structured data schema is included in google recommended ld+json format

FAQ Shortcode Blurb

Shortcode with customizable attributes gives you lot of leverage to get the results you want.


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FAQ Management

A custom post type manages the FAQs. Group FAQs using a categories. Having this setup makes it easy for you maintain and reuse FAQs.

A central setup allows you to change FAQ item in one place and have it reflect everywhere that FAQ displays.


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Improve SEO with schema.org

Structured FAQ Page makes your page eligible on google’s rich search results.

It helps search engines to understand your FAQs better. Show your content authority to search engines.

Increase your odds of improving your rank on search engines.


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Theme-Agnostic Shortcode

A shortcode based approach makes this plugin theme agnostic. It has attributes that will cater to all the use cases.

Use this plugin on any theme using a feature-rich shortcode


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FAQ Module For Divi Theme

A FAQ Module For Divi is integrated in this plugin.

It adds a FAQ List module to the divi module list.

The FAQ Module For Divi provides the following

  • Full visual builder support for faq the module in divi theme
  • Filter FAQs by categories and/or include/exclude specific FAQs by their IDs
  • Setup FAQ items open/close behavior
  • Style, orient and color the icons
  • FAQ list wrapper styling settings
  • FAQ item wrapper styling settings
  • FAQ Question styling settings
  • FAQ Answer styling settings

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FAQ Block For Gutenberg Block Editor

We provide gutenberg block editor integration. A FAQ List block is in-build into the plugin.

Use the FAQ block to add, filter and style the FAQs.

The FAQ Block provides following functionality.

  • Filtering Options to filter FAQs by categories, IDs etc
  • Control the Open-Close Behavior of the faq accordion item
  • Style the icon
  • Style the category title
  • Style FAQ list wrapper
  • Style FAQ item wrapper
  • Style Question
  • Style Answer

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FAQ Style Presets & Icons

Included are 3 style presets that give professional look to your FAQ listing.

We also bundle 5 icon sets.

CSS variable styles makes is easy to create custom look and feel.

FAQ Style Presets

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Bookmarkable FAQs

Include your on-page FAQ item links in your support requests or documentation.

If you click through faqs on the same page, the browser maintains the history.

Clicking on previous/next browser links cycles through the faqs

Browser location link changes when FAQ item is clicked.


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An essential divi plugin

The FAQ plugin made it very easy for managing website faqs. The plugin has an easy to use divi module and documentation provided is good. The structured data implemented improved the click through by around 19%

Jos Anderson, Sapient Oaks

3 Sites

$ £ 69.99 YR
  • Manage & display FAQs by categories
  • Custom sort FAQ order
  • Premium style presets
  • Premium icon sets
  • Bookmarkable faq links

Unlimited Sites

$ £ 199.99 YR
  • Manage & display FAQs by categories
  • Custom sort FAQ order
  • Premium style presets
  • Premium icon sets
  • Bookmarkable faq links
All plans have a 14-days Money Back Guarantee refund policy.

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If during the next 14 days you experience an issue that makes the plugin unusable and we are unable to resolve it, we'll happily consider offering a full refund of your money.

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    Does the FAQ Manager plugin supports Divi theme?

    Yes, we support divi theme. We have included a Faq List divi module. For details visit https://wptools.app/how-to/how-to-use-divi-faq-module-on-a-theme-page/

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    Does the FAQ Manager plugin support gutenberg block editor?

    Yes, we support Gutenberg Block Editor. We have included a FAQ List block within the plugin. For details visit https://wptools.app/how-to/add-faq-section-in-wordpress-with-faq-gutenberg-block/

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    Can I use the FAQ Manager plugin on any theme?

    Yes, you can use the FAQ Manager on any theme. We have included a WordPress Shortcodewpt_faqs, that can be used to list FAQs alongside any WordPress theme.

    For details visit – https://wptools.app/how-to/faq-shortcode-documentation/

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    Does this plugin generate FAQ structured schema data for SEO?

    Yes, this plugin automatically handles FAQ structured schema data. This ensures, search engines like Google & Bing, can read them.

    FAQ structured data are known to increase traffic to your website. It’s totally upto search engines to include your FAQs on the search results.

    To verify the correctness of your FAQ items, kindly read this article https://wptools.app/how-to/verify-faq-schema-data-using-google-structured-data-testing-tool/

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    Do you offer a FREE trial for the FAQ Manager plugin?

    Yes, we offer a 7-day FREE trial for the FAQ Manager plugin. We don’t ask for upfront payment details during the trial.

    If you happen to purchase the plugin, we offer a 14-day money back gaurantee. For details on the gaurantee please refer to the moneyback guarantee section just below the pricing table.

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    Does the FAQ Manager plugin supports theme "Extra" by Elegant Themes?

    Yes, the FAQ Manager plugin works with theme “Extra” from Elegant themes.

    It works in the frontend builder, like Divi Theme. Hence the instructions are same that we use for Divi Theme – https://wptools.app/how-to/how-to-use-divi-faq-module-on-a-theme-page/


== 5.4.3 ==

15/01/2023 - Upgraded freemius. WP 6.1.1 compatible

== 5.4.2 ==

27/11/2022 - PHP 8 compatibility and freemius upgrade

== 5.4.1 ==

18/04/2022 - Updated freemius SDK; WordPress compatibility

== 5.4.0 ==

09/01/2022 - Added support for sticky scroll

== 5.3.0 ==

17/03/2021 - Added option to enable/disable changing of browser url location when faq item is clicked.

== 5.2.1 ==

02/03/2021 - Fixed bug when a clickable item is clicked in FAQ answer

== 5.1.0 ==

31/12/2020 - Added compatibility for Divi 4.5.1+

== 5.0.5 ==

12/07/2020 - Bug fix. The FAQ url in schema data was pointing to incorrect url.

== 5.0.4 ==

09/07/2020 - Added `wpt_faq_manager_shortcode_categories` filter that can be used to change the order of the category IDs. used mainly for gutenberg block.

== 5.0.3 ==

05/07/2020 - Fixed an issue with gutenberg block that undefined 'index' warning was thrown. Tested with WordPress version 5.4.2

== 5.0.2 ==

01/07/2020 - Using apply_filters `the_content` to output faq answer. Both for schema data and html. Changed divi module setting label from `Categories (comma-separated)` to `Category IDs (comma-separated)` for better clarity

== 5.0.1 ==

16/04/2020 - Fixed a fatal error due to incompatibility with https://wordpress.org/plugins/faq-module-for-divi/ plugin.

== 5.0.0 ==

16/04/2020 - Added FAQ Divi Theme Module. Added FAQ Block for Gutenberg Block Editor

== 4.0.1 ==

23/01/2020 - Structured data fix when only one faq is passed in do_action

== 4.0.0 ==

23/01/2020 - Released on wordpress.org

== 3.2.1 ==

21/01/2020 - FAQ schema check quick link for the page.

== 3.2.0 ==

20/01/2020 - Group faq by categories.

== 3.1.1 ==

19/01/2020 - Added admin menu page. Faq category custom column for ID.

== 3.1.0 ==

18/01/2020 - Added attributes for icon open color, icon close color, faq answer text color when open and faq answer text color when close.

== 3.0.2 ==

17/01/2020 - Fixed faq hash update jumping. Fixed responsive css

== 3.0.1 ==

15/01/2020 - Fixed category filtering

== 3.0.0 ==

14/01/2020 - Default icon & style added. Added faq structured data support for SEO. Added support for bookmarkable FAQ.

== 2.4.0 ==

11/01/2020 - Added premium style presets.

== 2.3.0 ==

09/01/2020 - Added premium icons

== 2.2.0 ==

07/01/2020 - Added admin column for order field

== 2.1.0 ==

03/01/2020 - Added FAQ category

== 2.0.0 ==

01/01/2020 - Created FAQ post type With `wpt_faqs` shortcode. Added javascript toggle support. Added freemius integration

== 1.0.0 ==

20/12/2019 - Plugin scaffold added

Version: 5.4.3
Last Updated: 15/01/2023
WordPress Version: 4.9.5 and above
Tested On: WordPress 6.1.1.